warehousing and distribution

Anbardari services include a group of activities and services related to the management and administration of Anbardha, which are launched. These services have a basic address, such as an insurance company and an existing vehicle manager, in the car industry and its company, which is of the utmost importance.

Existing inventory management: In-house services for managing existing flour and raw materials in your country for use. This is comprehensive and reliable, and the entry and exit of both of them are complete.

In-house system: In-house services include comprehensive services and the management of the in-house system. This system includes a number of settings and settings to improve the operation of the device and ensure the accuracy and speed of its operation.

Residence Program and Space Management: Anbar administrative services including Residency Program and Beheina Space Management in Anbar Michud. This includes allocating a suitable space for all of them, including a security lock system and an internal arrangement in Anbar, as well as making use of the space in Anbar.

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